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8 Highest THC Strains

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A look at the most potent strains on the market, and what makes them unique.

Highest THC Strains, Concentrates are the most potent cannabis products you can find, but they may not be your style. The truth is, most cannabis enthusiasts still prefer smoking or vaping flower over inhaling (or ingesting) concentrates. 

The problem for high-tolerance cannabis users is that typical buds contain an average of 20% THC. To be fair, that’s WAY more THC than your grandparents smoked.  Breeders have intensified flower potency over the years, steadily increasing THC content from around 10% to 20-30%. In other words, your endocannabinoid system can probably handle more THC than the OG stoners in your family could back in the day because you’re accustomed to more potent weed.

Got a high tolerance for THC, but don’t want to turn to concentrates? Looking for the most potent buds around? Keep reading! We’ll introduce you to weed strains containing over 30% THC.  Highest THC Strains

1. Little Devil

Highest Little Devil THC Test: 60%

Little Devil origins are shrouded in mystery, but rumor has it that Israel’s Tikun Olam developed this strain’s genetics by breeding landrace Afghani with Afghan Skunk. Little Devil is an Indica-leaning hybrid with powerfully sedative effects, making it a favorite among people looking to improve their sleep or treat chronic pain. If you spot this hard-to-find strain at your local cannabis retail store, talk about its effects with the budtender to prepare yourself for a THC tsunami. These test results do push the limits of credulity, however, they’ve been reported, and thus we are reporting on them. If you should find and Little Devil in the cannabis market, please do reach out and let us know how it stands up against this legendary claim. The same goes for Jack Girl, up next.  Highest THC Strains

2. Jack’s Girl

Highest Jack’s Girl THC Test: 54%

Jack’s Girl (Jack’s Girlfriend) is the child prodigy of Jack Herer and Girl Scout Cookies. Spectrum, a Denmark breeder, developed the bombshell genetics that make this 50/50 hybrid a delight for THC-tolerant consumers. Despite its potency, this strain should be consumed during the day because its effects don’t necessarily invite sleep. Some fans swear this is the strongest strain they’ve ever smoked, so get ready to embark on a near-psychedelic experience if you consume Jack’s Girl. Again, dear readers, if you have any more information on this strain, please verify.

3. Quattro Kush

Highest Quattro Kush THC Test: 35%

Quattro Kush is the high-voltage outcome of breeding Triangle Kush, 707 Headband, and SFV OG Kush. An indica-dominant hybrid, Quattro Kush proves that the terms “indica” and “sativa” don’t guarantee the stereotypical effects associated with them. People enjoy consuming this mostly indica strain in the day because of its stimulating high. At the same time, consumers report pain-relief and mental relaxation when enjoying Quattro Kush. 

4. C. Banana

Highest Banana THC Test: 34%

Utopia Farms is the breeder responsible for the fruity goodness that is C. Banana. Another 50/50 hybrid, C. Banana brings the best of Banana OG and OG Kush into one sticky strain. C. Banana is often used at night because of its relaxing body high. Some claim that the strain relieves migraines, anxiety, and depression while promoting creativity and focus. The overall C. Banana experience can be described as an energizing high that fades into a relaxing buzz.  

5. Pancake Ice

Highest Pancake Ice THC Test: 33%

This relatively new strain pushes the limits of the THC content consumers are used to seeing on dispensary shelves.

Houseplant company logo

Created by Houseplant (Seth Rogan’s cannabis company), the sativa-dominant strain can be used in the day thanks to its energizing effects (likely enhanced by the abundance of the terpene caryophyllene). Consuming Pancake Ice can lead to a focused creative energy that could be overwhelming for novice smokers.    

6. City of God

Highest City of God THC Test: 33%

Phantom Farms created this powerful indica-dominant hybrid, giving pain patients an excellent option for relief. City of God is the child of God Bud and NYC Diesel. With that parentage, it’s no wonder that City of God’s THC count is so celestial. City of God is often used to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. It can also be used during the day or before social engagements thanks to its energizing and community building high. 

7. Caviar Gold

Highest Caviar Gold THC Test: 32%

We’re not sure where Caviar Gold came from, but we tip our hats to whoever created this phenomenal strain. Caviar Gold is rarely sold at dispensaries, but those who’ve been lucky enough to get this strain report an overwhelming body high that lulls the mind into a deep sleep. Even the most THC-tolerant smokers will have a hard time keeping their eyes open after relaxing in this strain’s effects for a while. 

8. Brandywine

Highest Brandywine THC Test: 31%

An award-winning creation by Dungeouns Vault Genetics,Brandywine is a powerful cross between Pink Champagne and Grandpa’s Breath. Brandywine will relax you without knocking you out, making it a great choice for people looking for pain, stress, or anxiety relief during the day. Users also report an increase in appetite when consuming Brandywine, a beneficial effect for those struggling with nausea. Highest THC Strains

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